Agbala Gabriel is a big Wobiya and Oniro, he will soon falll and be exposed- Tolani Oreniyi shade Pastor Agbala Gabriel (Video) ‎

Popular Blogger Tolani Oreniyi has decided to spill more details about the popular Pastor Agbala Gabriel in her recent video.

Tolani Oreniyi started with the words that, Agbala Gabriel is a scammer, he does not have the spirit of God in him. He will soon fail because he does not say the truth.

Many netizens react to her words;

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Taiwo samson wrote: The truth that we should all understand is that. Agbala Gabriel is just like charity organization… All is memmber come to church not for salvation but for what to eat and take home at the end of the day.

Sulaiman wrote: a Christian, Agbala Gabriel is not a 419. He is only showing love and care to the needies.. Mind u he is not sponsoring with his own Money.. People of different religious contribute for the charity.. Yes he will also see his own definitely, nobody will work in vain.

Fade Hannah wrote: Calling Him fake is an insult and saying He dont have the Holy spirit well you might be right.

Agbala Gabriel is not Holy Spirit filled let not be Bias..

U can be pastor and Not have the Holy spirit But u will have the fruit of the Holy spirit. And Agbala Gabriel has the fruit of the Holy spirit

Oluwaseun wrote: What will you gain from his downfall my sister? Am not his fan, but the question is, will you be glad if anyone comes out for you and be boasting that you’ll fall either you’re alleged or not? How will you feel my sister?

Adeola adex wrote: I only see Agbala Gabriel as a philanthropist, a generous man but definitely not a pastor or prophet….

But if you are waiting for his downfall, you will have to wait forever…..

Esther wrote: Pls what  is ur own business with him are u d one for him hmmmmmmm anju won lo kosewi lejo ija Ilara kotan boro hmmm ayeele eyin eniyan soro.

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