“Jumoke, I tried, but if it wasn’t enough, I’m sorry”- Actor Jide Awobona mourns colleague Aderonmu Adejumoke‎ ‎ ‎ ‎

Popular Nollywood actor, Jide Awobona, has shared some cryptic messages following the tragic passing of his colleague and friend, Aderonmu Adejumoke.

The movie industry has been in mourning state as the news of Aderonmu Adejumoke, known for her explicit role as ‘Esther’ in popular TV series Jenifa’s Diary, was pronounced dead.

The sad news was shared by the brother of the actress, Adeola Aderonmu, who took to his Instagram story on Sunday. Although the cause of Jumoke’s death is yet to be unraveled, celebrities took to their social media pages to mourn her death.

However, Jide Awobona, who acted as ‘Sam’ in Jenifa’s diary, also paid tribute to Jumoke via his Instagram story.

The 39-year-old scriptwriter went ahead to apologize to the deceased, praying for her peaceful passing.

Sharing a confusing but meaningful post, he advised his fans and industry peers to stay positive and hopeful no matter how bad their career is falling.

He wrote, “Jumoke, I tried, but if it wasn’t enough, I’m sorry. May God forgive your Sins and Ensure your Peaceful Rest”.

“I think for every problem there is a solution Don’t be scared to find solutions to your problems Sometimes those you expect to help solve your problems may not come through, not because they don’t wish to or they don’t love you, sometimes they have same or bigger problems and also finding solutions or they are busy solving other problems and don’t have the resources to add yours, look else where for solutions”.

“Don’t give up in the process, be intentional, getting busy finding solution to your problem alone is therapeutic, you’re making new discoveries, getting healing in the process, meeting new people that may have a different role to play in your life, you’ll understand life better, you’ll appreciate yourself more, eventually, that might just be the solution to your problems, and it might be all you need to be fine happy and peaceful”.

“It’s okay to feel like you’re not where you’re meant to be, it’s okay to be down when your career is slow, it’s okay to feel bad when your contemporaries seem to be ahead of you, it’s okay to feel bad when your plans are not working, when you’re broke, when you’re unable to meet set goals… Know this and have peace, everyone has a battle, as low as you think you are, someone somewhere is envious of some of your possessions and attributes, you are special, no one is better than you, and no one can ever be you, you are you.”

“You will be shocked to know the battles those people you think are better than you are also fighting, but they choose to subdue, STAY POSTIVE. AND HOPEFULLY regardless”.

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